My trip to visit family in California at the end of May was very enjoyable.  Special memories were made as we celebrated the accomplishments of our niece earning her master’s degree, honored my mom by scattering her ashes in Monterey Bay, and simply enjoyed one another’s company. I did my walking among the vineyards and made time to sit by the spectacular pool, of course.


Although it was a special opportunity, the time away was longer than usual and I was VERY happy to get home to my three boys! Jim had found the very best camping spot to be had along Grimes Creek (about 20 miles northeast of Boise). It was beautiful and we could hear the creek bubbling merrily from inside.


Before we put the boat to rest, we took her out a few times to nearby Robie Creek.

20160603_143802 20160603_144204 20160603_16414220160606_161343This little family liked our slow-moving quiet boat…and our string cheese. 20160608_145618-1There is a Blue Heron standing on a rock near the right side of this photo. It was there almost every time we ventured by.

We even snuck in a hike. We headed up from our perfect camping spot, across the road and up the draw. It wasn’t the most picturesque setting we’ve encountered due to fires in the recent past, but I think it was the steepest climb we’ve attempted to date. You may not be able to fully appreciate the steepness from the photos, but I will admit I was *very* grateful for the walking sticks we foraged. Without them, I may have just rolled back down the mountainside.20160611_153816

20160611_151610If you look closely, you can see our LCC beyond the road.20160611_15075620160611_15211620160611_155031

We also had a great time showing our grandkids our home in the mountains. But, after only a couple of weeks, it was time to go. We made sure everything was in order at the rental house and made a hasty departure to Washington just in time for a family get-together on Father’s Day.

We are both very excited to be on the road again. Let the summer adventure begin!


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