We’re Famous!

Well kinda’ sorta’. A while back, Bob Wells from cheaprvliving.com spent about two hours recording video of us and our rig. He then edited it down to two 15-minute videos which we think turned out quite well. We’ve had a ton of comments on YouTube, lots of views, and overall it has been a fun and positive experience. Please click on the links below and see what you think:

The Interview:
Our Rig:

I forgot to give him credit in the video, but we are eternally grateful to our brother Greg for setting up our blog and jump-starting the whole process, getting our domain registered, etc. We wouldn’t have known where to begin and Greg is the best. Thanks brother!

We recently shared a campsite for three nights at the entrance to Petrified Forest National Park with another fifth wheel that was there the whole time. The day we were preparing to leave, I got to thinking, “That looks like the rig of the couple who write the Roads Less Traveled blog!” I saw him ride off on his mountain bike and a short time later, she took off jogging and I thought, “Sure looks like their lifestyle.” About that time, Mark returned from his ride and a few minutes later, Emily got back and we got to meet both of them. It was cold and windy and we didn’t want to be too starstruck and tie ’em up too long but it was awesome to meet in person this couple we’ve been following online for years. They do a fabulous job on their blog; have probably been published 30 times or more with many of their pictures making the magazine covers as well. As you may recall, they provided information we used for our recent trip into Mexico. Be sure to check ’em out at www.roadslesstraveled.us.



7 thoughts on “Our Claim to Fame

  1. Yes. Bob made you famous. I’m happy to follow your journey and hope to go on mine in a few years.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The nearly universal lament among fulltimers is “Why didn’t I do this 5 years ago, 10 years ago, etc. I realize everyone has to live within their comfort zone but there are many details which can be duked out *after* you hit the road. My standard advice to everyone is, “Go cheap, go small, and go NOW!” It’s a great life and we’re happy to have you following along with us 🙂

  2. Would love to see the entire two hours. If you ever get all the video from Bob I’ll buy a copy. The Catio, love it!!

    1. Thanks Laurie for your comment. I imagine Bob just edits on his laptop and likely deletes whatever doesn’t make the final cut — to make room for his next video 🙂 But if it ever turns up, we’ll be happy to share it — no purchase needed 🙂 It’s quite incredible how many people are attracted to the catio. I had once considered building them for RVers (mostly to have something to do) but didn’t think enough people would be interested — silly me! On one of our posts you can see the barn we built recently at The Slabs = fun stuff and now I have a place to work some if we decide to.

  3. Just checked out their RLT website. Haven’t read their About page yet, but hoo-ee! that’s not an inexpensive lifestyle they’ve got! The upgrades to the mechanicals alone is mind boggling.

  4. Yes I’m planning on doing the same thing will be 62 in a year am working on solar for our 30’ keystone classic trying to put 3000 watts on roof with 10 200ah batteries to stand the heat in ax love your story it sounds like we should be twins because I’ve also been dreaming about this for years

    1. We put our first 420 watt panel on the roof (and have since REinstalled so I can aim it towards our driver’s side — aiming that side south always guarantees generous shade on the door side = total bonus! Since then we have added another 680 watts as awnings on the driver’s side wall and are pre-wired to add 250 more which would give us a 2:1 ratio = 1,350 watts of panel and 675aH of deep cycle golf cart batteries. The wall mounted panels stay cleaner *and* cool much better which is critical during the hottest months. Since then we have build a 100% solar powered “cool room” at The Slabs (30 degrees latitude) and learned our 1,500 watts of panel to cool that room were taking a 33% hit on the hottest days. We had to add another 500 watts of panel to compensate for that loss of yield.

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