We love our cats so I have no good idea WHY it has taken me two weeks(!) to get this set up for them. It takes less than an hour to assemble. I brought it for them (they lived in it before) and it has been collecting dust on the back bumper of the fifth wheel ever since.


Inyo (the gray one) is easily the larger of the two but he most often bogarts that little upper corner shelf which leaves the long lower shelf for Cody to sprawl out on. Being cooped up in the basement all this time, they have both gotten rather skittish — getting panicky at the slightest sound or movement. I’m really hoping this outdoor exposure will allow them to settle in, adjust more to their new surroundings, and not be wound up so tight all the time. Unfortunately, I left their ramp behind in our storage shed but they can easily jump up into the ‘basement’ of our fifth wheel to retreat from any perceived danger. The red cooler (no lid) is their usual catbox which sits down just inside the basement access panel. One nice thing about them being down on the ground is no catbox is needed. We’re always very diligent to remove any solids before we roll away.


Their ‘kitty kondo’ extends the full width of the RV under our bathroom. On the other side is a lower portion where their food bowls and water is kept. Once this catio enclosure was even close to the RV, they both jumped down in there almost immediately. There’s another version of this catio which gives them half again more space on the ground *and* access for lounging on top of the basic 4′ cube you see here, but it’s a lot to try and haul in or on the fifth wheel somehow. The roof of this RV is so high that we really try to not store anything up there. We’re not getting any younger and a fall from that height might not end well :o) I’m thinking the boys are thinking, “Good job Dad — what took so long?”






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