Hi, I’m Annie (AKA Vivian to some of you). I am usually the photographer (term used loosely) and leave most of the writing to Jim’s very capable and experienced pen/fingers but, every now and then, I will chime in.

12/21/2015: It’s been about two months since we left Idaho and have been exploring another state…the state of retirement. Right now, we’re content to hang out in Slab City. I will admit that, originally, I thought this place would be out of my comfort zone but now I find myself not so anxious to leave. However, I am excited for the Christmas present we are giving ourselves — a stay at the Fountain of Youth Spa and RV Resort — our very FIRST time to pay (only $9.95/night) for our accommodations.

Our journey, thus far, has taken us to the Pacific Northwest, down the coastline on Hwy. 101 and 1, sailing in San Francisco Bay and into northern California to visit family and friends before traveling on and charting new territory. We’ve traversed mountainous terrain (California Hwy. 175 is not for the faint of heart), have seen some beautiful landscapes, crossed historic bridges, camped overlooking the ocean and explored Glass Beach. AND we’ve experienced some very amazing sunsets (but, alas, no sunrises for the morning people that we are not!).



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  1. Great photos Annie! (See, I’m open to change.} Never underestimate your prowess with the camera or the pen. Good job… looking forward to living vicariously through your adventures.

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