As I said, our time at Lake Havasu City was so long and full of so many fun days, I’ve had to break it into two blog posts. Here is the continuation…

Surprisingly — even to us — we managed to get on the catarafts only once while parked near the lake. Because the canal was so full of exhaust fumes from all the hotrod speed boats, we chose to launch in one of the areas for non-motorized craft only. We oared out against the wind to a buoy and hung out on the fringe at the north end of the island district. There wasn’t very much water traffic in the area but we did get a chance to watch some military aircraft overhead while we ate our lunch. When the sun started sinking lower on the horizon, we let the wind take us back as close to the cove as possible before picking up the oars and paddling to shore. Overall, it was a quiet, enjoyable afternoon. As Jim always says, “Half the fun is just being *on* the water.”

20160303_14250020160303_15503120160303_15505220160303_155255Can you see the jets?20160303_165132


Of course, there was more hiking to be done. We chose another of the trails at SARA Park…this time on foot from the beginning. This one took us up out of the wash quickly and skirted the slopes.

20160309_135932“Let’s go up there,” I said. So we headed off trail and straight up the side of the mountain.20160309_140632The terrain was a bit challenging.pizap.com14603062419121Success!20160309_134132Can you see the wash far below?20160309_134120From this vantage point we could see the whole expanse of Lake Havasu City.20160309_133213Wait! Is that another peak over there with a trail zigzagging up to it? Of course, we had to go.20160309_133415We climbed just a little higher and we could see the lake.20160309_13341820160309_134012Just because there was a trail didn’t mean it was an easy climb.20160309_145220Imagine our surprise when we discovered a picnic table at 1,375 feet!20160309_145201Kudos to the brave souls who carried it or helicopter-dropped it! Either way, it would not be an easy feat!20160309_144702 cropAnother surprise…there was NO rock pile monument. So, we made our own.20160309_14581520160309_14581520160309_145902Even though we could see we weren’t terribly far from the lake from where we were, my knees were protesting the rigors I had already subjected them to so we reluctantly went back down and headed toward the trailhead.20160309_142421
20160309_13440420160309_15235420160309_151313Little did we know that the path we chose for our return would take us back through Sara’s Crack.20160309_151805The  wind was whistling up through the canyon. It felt good but makes for a funny looking hairdo. 20160309_15141820160309_151520He makes these climbs look so easy! Now how am I supposed to make that tall step??20160229_133451One more chance for rope-climbing. Easy-breezy!
20160309_152752-1Back to the wash and then to the BBT. It was another great hike but man were my knees hurting!


To break it up, we took a day trip to check out Parker Dam. We drove across the dam then took Parker Dam Road (which is designated as a “back country byway”) down the California side. I guess I’m still not used to always being “on” for the photography and I didn’t get very many shots that day. But, I did pick up the camera in time to catch some local wildlife.pizap.com14603932055364


And we did get on the lake once more but, this time, it was to take the ferry across to the casino on the California side to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was a cold, windy afternoon so we chose to sit under cover rather than stand at the rail. Dinner wasn’t fancy but the restaurant seating overlooked the water and we had a very nice time. The sun was setting when we were ready to return so we sat inside for the trip back to Arizona. The night was young when we got back to our casa so we continued our celebration by opening our last bottle of our homemade plum wine.

20160307_15545120160307_155509The ferry also transports children to and from school. How fun would that be?!20160307_16000720160307_16065420160307_16134620160307_18324320160307_16571720160307_18291020160307_18414320160307_182842Jim gets the more generous pour because he’s bigger. 🙂 Here’s to many, many more years sharing this big adventure with my Love! 


Our time here was coming to an end. On our last full day, we decided to climb a nearby hill just for the exercise. What we expected to be just a walk down another wash on the other side of the ridge turned into a very enjoyable hike. As usual, the desert didn’t disappoint.

20160228_13223720160312_12070720160312_12344720160312_12344920160312_12431020160312_12362820160312_124300No ladders or ropes here…20160312_124509
I think I was glad we were climbing down and not up?20160312_12503420160312_125108One last surprise…a saguaro (one of my favs and somewhat rare in this location).


As we prepared to watched the sun set over the distant mountains for the last time — at least for this winter — we lit a fire in the fire basin we had found abandoned nearby and talked about all the fun we’d had and what we might like to do next time Lake Havasu City is our home-away-from-home. More time on the water was definitely at the top of the list. And more hiking, of course.20160312_19031720160312_18414220160312_185509


Oh, and by the way, it looks like a new pair of hiking shoes is in order. Shoe Goo fixed this good enough for biking…for now. What is your favorite hiking shoe/boot?20160301_134611



6 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Our First Winter — Part 2, Lake Havasu City (Continued)

  1. Looking good.

    You too have just the right amount of fun…!

    Looking forward to seeing you Thursday, dont disappoint me.


  2. well i’m very impressed with the beauty of the places you have gone. I might suggest some heavier duty shoes if you are going to continue hiking in the rocks, good ones will protect your feet, I have hunted in the mountains for a number of years, and here are some brands that I trust, Danner, Rocky, and the ones I use now are Vasque. The last lake you stayed at did you ask if there were fish in it?

    1. Jim,
      I had no idea there were so many really cool places to go and see! I feel very lucky for the opportunity!

      I am definitely going to get real hiking shoes…thanks for the tips. Lake Havasu is supposed to be real good fishing but we didn’t have poles or licenses. Next time.

  3. The Backpacker magazine’s annual Gear Guide rated the Hi-Tec Sonorous Mid II Waterproof I the best bargain hiking boot. They said it handled weeks of canyon hiking that wore down other boots. $100, 2lbs 5oz.

  4. Thanks for the info, Marti! I haven’t started my search yet but will definitely add the Hi-Tec to my list to check out.

    ~ Annie

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